Outlook Support Number

Outlook Customer Support Number
Outlook.com is focused on providing the user with the management of their messages and, in addition, allows you to access from multiple clients since, in addition to the web interface, the possibility of accessing from desktop or mobile clients is offered as well as synchronization services such as Exchange ActiveSync. Faced with this turning point that marks Microsoft in Hotmail, it is worth spending a few minutes to learn the key aspects of this new service, its strengths and, ultimately, what things are worth knowing about the new Outlook.com

• Interface improves. The new design of the interface uses fewer pixels but 30% more visible messages in the inbox
• Integration with Facebook and Twitter. The users of Outlook can now connect to these social networks; see the status and tweets shared by friends.
• Integrated chat. Users can also chat with their Face book friends and other Outlook users from the service interface itself.
• Open Office documents. It is possible to perform editing tasks, open and share Word, Excel and PowerPoint documents, also from within Outlook.
• You have access to the address book with the contacts of Face book and LinkedIn.
• Video Skype calls. Although not yet implemented, Outlook users are expected very soon. Outlook can make Skype video calls even if the application is not installed.
• Photos attached to slides. All images and photos attached to an email can be viewed as a slide show. 8.-Integration with Skydive. The cloud storage service is also integrated, so larger attachments can now be sent.

Interesting details to keep in mind
• The new email service from Microsoft, Outlook.com, has other details that are worth trying and take into account when using this mail service:
• The quick views are one of the aspects that have called me the attention of the service since, from personal experience, I think it will be very useful for those who usually miss emails or forget in what folder we classify them. Thanks to this function we can make quick filters with which, for example, to visualize the messages that have attachments photographs or messages that we have marked.
• It seems that with Outlook.com the storage space is no longer a problem since, as it seems, we have "unlimited" space so, at last, we will be able to forget about the annoying counter of the occupied space (although it may seem of the Pleistocene still in force in many services).
• The emails that come with attachments are also going to notice "something different" since, for example, in the case of attached images they will be displayed in the form of thumbnails and, in addition, a comfortable viewer is integrated to be able to see them bigger. In fact, attachments to emails gain importance because they happen to be in the upper part of the message (something we also saw in Hotmail) but with their thumbnails.
• The view of conversations is activated by default, something to be grateful for not losing the thread of our messages and that, in the case of the previous version, had to activate expressly.

What to do to use the new Microsoft email service, Outlook
In order to use Outlook.com, all we have to do is use our Hotmail account to access the service or go through the registration process and opens a new account. It is worth taking a look because, although there are still some services and details to be activated, Outlook.com leaves a good taste in the mouth.

Outlook Customer Support Number
If you face any issue with the outlook account then you can call at our outlook customer support number. We provides 24/7 hrs support

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